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  • What services do we provide?
    Elevate your property presentation with our comprehensive real estate media services. At Experience Home Media, we specialize in delivering top-notch visual experiences tailored to maximize your property's market appeal. Explore our range of services: Professional HDR Photography: Capture the essence of your property with high-quality, professionally shot photographs. Virtual Tours: Immerse potential buyers in a captivating virtual walkthrough of your space. Drone Video & Photo: Showcase your property from breathtaking aerial perspectives with our drone services. Interactive Floor Plans: Provide a dynamic and interactive view of your property layout for enhanced understanding. Virtual Staging: Transform vacant spaces into inviting, furnished homes to entice potential buyers. Virtual Twilight: Enhance the allure of your property with stunning virtual twilight imagery. Property Website: Create a dedicated online space to showcase all the highlights of your property. Social Media Marketing Kit: Amplify your property's reach and engagement with our tailored social media marketing resources. And More Here:
  • How fast is our turnaround time?
    Our turnaround time is swift and efficient. You can expect to receive all your media content just one day after your scheduled appointment. In the event that your appointment falls on a Saturday, rest assured that you will receive everything promptly on the following Monday. We prioritize delivering your media promptly to ensure a seamless and timely experience with our services.
  • What areas do we serve?
    We serve Poconos, Lehigh Valley, Scranton, Bucks, Milford, Schuylkill and more. Click the button below to see our Service Area Map.
  • How should I prepare for the Project?
    Follow our Preparation Checklist by clicking the button below!
  • How does scheduling work?
    We generally only need 2-4 days in advance to schedule. Subject to change during peak seasons. Easily choose the best time/date, package/services, and schedule online with the link below:
  • How do Reschedules and Cancellations work?
    Please let us know as soon as possible if we need to move the appointment. Rescheduling/Cancelling requires at least 3 hour notice. If under 3 hours, a $50 fee will be charged.
  • Electronic Lockbox situation?
    We do not require our photographers to have the necessary apps to be used with electronic lockboxes. Please use a standard lockbox, arrange access for the photographer or provide a one day code. Thank you!
  • How do I access everything afterwards?
    You will receive a completion email from us. This email will include a download page where you can access all the essential assets, such as your photos, virtual tour links, video links, floorplans and more. Additionally, the email will provide a convenient spot for payment. For a visual guide on how to navigate through the completion email, we recommend watching the first 5 minutes of the attached video: Link to Video Walkthrough. This walkthrough will guide you through the features and functionalities of the completion email, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience.
  • How do I download my photos?
    To download your photos, please keep an eye out for the completion email, which we will send one day after your appointment. In this email, you will find a link titled 'Photo Download Page.' Clicking on this link will take you to a page where you can effortlessly download all your photos at once with a single click. If you prefer to select and download specific photos, you can do so easily from this page as well. For a step-by-step visual walkthrough of the photo download process, you can watch the demonstration in our video guide. Simply click on the following link and skip to the timestamp 3:30 to 4:43: Photo Download Page Walkthrough.
  • How do I connect my 360 Virtual Tour to the MLS?
    For Zillow 360 Tours: Our team will take care of publishing your virtual tour the moment that you decide to publish your listing. It will automatically go live the moment you do, alleviating any concerns about it going live before your intended launch time. To manually add a Zillow 360 Tour or Matterport Tour to your MLS listing, look for a field in the MLS listing that’s named ‘Virtual Tour Link’ (Note: This is the most common name for the field, but some MLS’s may use a slightly different name). Copy and paste the tour link into this field to add the tour to your MLS listing. Some Statistics about Zillow Home Tours: Listings on Zillow with an Interactive Floor Plan received, on average, 60% more views than listings without an Interactive Floor Plan! Listings on Zillow with an Interactive Floor Plan received, on average, 72% more shares than listings without an Interactive Floor Plan! In randomized testing, homes on Zillow with an Interactive Floor Plan sell faster (10% more likely to go pending in 30 days than listings without Interactive Floor Plan
  • How do I connect my Video to the MLS?
    To add a Video Link to your MLS listing, look for a field in the MLS listing that’s named ‘Video Link’ (Note: This is the most common name for the field, but some MLS’s may use a slightly different name). Copy and paste the video link into this field to add the video to your MLS listing. Our video products include: Drone Video, 'Reel' Video Tour, Slideshow Video
  • How do I change my Account Details?
    To change your account details, follow these steps: Log in to your account by visiting our website: Once logged in, navigate to the "Account" tab. Within the "Account" tab, find and select the "Basic Data" tab. Here, you'll have the option to modify various account details, including your profile photo and the team/office logo. If you prefer a visual guide, we have a step-by-step video walkthrough available. To access this tutorial, click on the following link: How to Use Features Video. If you want to skip directly to the section about changing your account details, jump to 11 minutes and 28 seconds into the video. Following these instructions or watching the video tutorial should guide you through the process of updating your account details seamlessly. If you encounter any issues or have further questions, feel free to reach out for assistance.
  • How do I access/create my Account?
    Simply log in or create your new account by visiting our website here:
  • Can I get discounts for referring Experience Home Media to other people?
    Yes! For every referral, earn 75 credits to your account that can be used on your next shoot with us. Read more about our referral program by clicking the button below.
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