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If you're a real estate professional looking to supercharge your marketing efforts and provide an exceptional experience for your clients, you're in the right place. In this video, we're diving into all the fantastic features and tools our platform offers, ensuring you're armed with the best resources to showcase properties and grow your business. 

Please use this Timestamped Outline to skip to what you need help with most!

0:00 Intro

0:11 Completion Email Breakdown

0:51 Property Website Links

2:07 Total Marketing Kit

3:30 Photo Download Page

4:43 Property Owner Preview Page

5:16 Share on Social Media

5:35 Accessing your Account

6:36 Property Site Summary Page

7:25 Site Media Page

8:16 Site Data Page (Listing Information)

8:55 Print Materials Page

9:40 Site Design Page

10:27 Site Activation Page

10:58 Lead Capture System

11:28 Your Account Details

12:07 Inventory Page

12:41 Reports/Payment Types

13:00 Invoices/Update Password

13:10 App Integration

13:35 Download Our App

14:00 Referral Program

14:26 Outro

📸 Accessing Media After the Appointment (1 day): Say goodbye to the days of waiting for media content! We'll show you how to effortlessly access stunning photos and videos from your property appointments.

🎯 Marketing Kit Breakdown: Our comprehensive marketing kit includes everything you need to make listings stand out. From captivating photos to engaging videos, we've got you covered.

🔒 Inside Your Account: Explore the various sections of your Experience Home Media account. Learn how to navigate effortlessly and manage all your media assets in one place.

✍️ Editing Flyers & Templates: Customize your marketing materials with ease. We'll guide you through editing flyers and social media templates to match your branding effortlessly.

🏠 Property Site Made Easy: Discover how to create impressive property sites that provide potential buyers with an immersive experience. Showcase your listings like never before.

📱 Download Our App: Stay connected on the go! Learn how to download and utilize our app for quick access to your media, updates, and tools, right at your fingertips.

🤝 Referral Program: We value your partnership! Find out how our referral program rewards you for spreading the word about Experience Home Media.

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